PXP Financial Deploy’s Gateway for Tipico


PXP Financial has announced its partnership with the US division of the global sportsbook operator, Tipico.

Tipico is an existing partner of PXP Financial in Europe. With both companies growing existing US portfolios it felt natural to extend the partnership to include the region. With this partnership, PXP Financial Inc. has deployed a full-service gateway, offering multiple connections to different providers, and a full managed service including reconciliations and a risk monitoring service for Tipico.

PXP Financial Inc. has gaming licenses in more than nine US states since 2013, and its solution is approved in even more. The company’s knowledge of the region and its experience with multiple payment solutions in an all-in-one service will allow Tipico to support its own clients. The close and intensive relationship between Tipico and PXP Financial Inc. means the two will be able to support each other in both parties US brand expansion.

“PXP Financial’s proven experience in the regulated U.S. market has been beneficial as we prepare to officially launch our sports betting app in New Jersey,” said Adrian Vella, Managing Director, U.S. Business, Tipcio “Their innovative platform, which links our all-digital systems to retail cash-at-cage payments has been especially key.”

“With 20 years of expertise processing payments for the gaming sector, the PXP platform will offer our customers the convenient deposit and withdrawal options they’re looking for,” said Allen Ambrogio, Director of Operations, U.S. Business, Tipico. “This will ensure a seamless experience when placing bets through the Tipico app.”

The partnership launched in New Jersey in October 2020 and PXP Financial will be supporting the company as it expands its business into multiple states across the US.

Kamran Hedjri, CEO at PXP Financial Inc., says: “We have had a great partnership with Tipico’s European branch and so have no doubt that they are also a great partner for us in our US venture. They are a fantastic brand in the industry, and we hope that our work together will bring great results for both companies.”