Acquiring & Retaining iGaming Customers

Event News

The next edition of the AGB Webinar Series will uncover the newest strategies for iGaming player acquisition and retention and will be held on 25th November 2020 at 3 PM HKT.

During this webinar, we’ll hear from UX/UI expert Steven Lau, Brand UX & Marketing Consultant, Director of DigitCube, pointing out some of the most common failings from brands that he has seen from a customer journey standpoint.

We’ll then hear from igaming marketing guru Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director of Stealth Mode, who will discuss the rise of 1-on-1 marketing, which may herald the death of traditional EDM and social media marketing.

Finally, we hear from Charles Kraus, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Limelight Networks, who will share the latest research into the key factors that would cause players to leave from a product experience perspective.

Join us for our webinar, with live Q&A, where Limelight and gambling industry experts will discuss strategies to attract players and keep them loyal to your brand.Speakers include: Charles Kraus, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Limelight NetworksSteven Lau, Brand UX & Marketing Consultant, Director, DigitCubeAlex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, Stealth ModeThis AGB Webinar will be held on Wednesday 25th November at 3pm HKT.ADDITIONAL OFFERING FOR AGB MEMBERS:

AGB Members will have access to an exclusive breakout session following the webinar. To inquire about membership, go to or email us at