Enteractive integrates CRM platform with Twin

Business News

Enteractive, the leader in player reactivation and retention for the iGaming industry, has announced a new partnership with Twin to activate NRCs to NDCs across markets including Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Finland and Germany. 

The collaboration completes a 360 degree CRM technology integration to optimise player activations and retention, now with Enteractive’s personalised one-2-one voice calls, as well as Fast Track’s digital CRM solutions.

By incorporating Enteractive’s proprietary tech (Re)Activation Cloud platform, Twin will benefit from seamless integration of their player databases to Enteractive’s skilled agents, allowing them to engage with players by phone in one-on-one conversations. This more personalised CRM approach prompts more deposits from NRCs and NDCs, while adhering to responsible gambling best practices across each of its global territories. 

Ugur Gok, Head of CRM at Twin, commented, “We’re excited about this new partnership with Enteractive to optimise our player engagement and activation strategy. With Enteractive’s extensive experience reaching out to non-depositing players, we’re looking forward to seeing improved conversions from lapsed registrations.” 

With a digital CRM strategy already in place with Fast Track, the Enteractive partnership means Twin now has every corner covered in their new player journeys.

Mikael Hansson, Enteractive founder and CEO, commented: “We’re so pleased to have Twin on board with Enteractive, unleashing the power of the personal approach in CRM.  We’re proud to promote a player-first environment for Twin, keeping players playing, as well as in safe hands, which is more important now than ever before.”

Enteractive’s personalised, responsible approach, ease of integration and solid ROI for clients sets them apart from other conversion or reactivation offerings, adding value to the players’ brand experience with each and every call.  Working with iGaming brands across the globe, Enteractive currently reactivates more than 13,000 players every month for a variety of leading operators.