KPMG eSummit Virtual Series

Event News

A fireside session entitled “Current themes in AML/CFT: Insights from the Regulators”, as part of KPMG eSummit Virtual Series, which was held virtually with KPMG’s Director Alex Azzopardi and representatives from the FIAU and MGA.

KPMG were pleased to gather three leading industry figures for an insightful discussion, namely:

  • Alex Azzopardi, Director, Risk Consulting Advisory, KPMG Malta
  • Kenneth Farrugia, Director, Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU)
  • Joseph Attard, Head of Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering | MLRO, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

During this virtual fireside session, our esteemed guests share insight on several areas of relevance to AML/CFT, including:

  • Emerging trends, risks, threats and typologies
  • Best practices for monitoring and supervision
  • Common pitfalls and shortcomings
  • The need for strong policies, procedures, IT-driven controls and human intervention
  • Increased levels of collaboration between the MGA and FIAU
  • The importance of employing and empowering independent MLROs
  • The benefits of third-party AML/CFT audits and assessments