The MGA signs data sharing agreement with Slovak FA

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The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has recently established a data-sharing agreement with the Slovak Football Association.

The Slovak Football Association is the governing body of football in Slovakia and is one of the largest organisations in Slovakia with more than 400,000 members.

The MGA’s Sports Integrity Manager, Antonio Zerafa stated, “The agreement with the Slovak Football Association joins a continuously growing list of data-sharing agreements with international partners from the sporting world. We are proud that through such agreements we are placing ourselves as an important contributor to match-fixing investigations across the globe, and we hope that we can now provide the same level of assistance to the Slovak FA also.”

Jakub Čavoj, Integrity Officer of the Slovak Football Association stated, “I hope that this agreement will be very useful for both sides and help us achieve a common goal – protecting the integrity of sport competitions.  For the Slovak FA and police investigations this exchange of information could be important in collecting evidence because many betting companies popular in Slovakia have a Malta gambling license. Sharing best practice and exchange of information is key in the fight against match-fixing.”