Senska Spel Trotting & Gallop launches Play Together

Business News

Svenska Spel Trav & Galopp opened the gates to the French trot and the French pools through the collaboration with PMU. 

The high-winning game High Five has received a fantastic reception from the players and the work of developing the service is now starting to yield results. 

Svenska Spel Trav & Galopp has been running since September 21 and development of the offer is in full swing. The Play Together service will now be connected to the High Five and from Thursday it will be possible for the agents to sell shares within the framework of Play Together on the daily high-profit game.

Now we have been running for almost two months and it is fantastic fun to be able to present a first news for the service. We have seen an incredibly nice reception from our players and it feels good to be able to give something back. After all, we are only at the beginning of this journey and we continue to develop the service with the promise of improvements, new functions and news as we go, says Helena Hallman, Product Manager Racing, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino.