Betway joins Dutch online trade association

Business News

The Netherlands Online Gambling Association (“NOGA”) welcomes Betway Group as its newest member.

In the last months of the year before the Netherlands online gambling market is finally expected to open, NOGA is adding new members into its ranks. It is important that the industry unites and works together towards as successful market opening and maximum chanelisation of consumers towards the legalised offer.

“We are delighted to welcome Betway into our midst. Betway is one of the world’s leading providers of first-class entertainment across sports betting, casino and esports betting. We look forward to the swath of experience Betway will bring to our association. We also see it as a clear sign that more and more operators see the advantage of joining NOGA in the run-up to the opening of the online market in the Netherlands. With Betway now on board we will continue to push for a safe, responsible and attractive online gambling offering in the Netherlands”, says Peter-Paul de Goeij, managing director of NOGA.

Roger Parkes, Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at Betway, said: ”We’re delighted to join NOGA and look forward to contributing our experience with our peers in NOGA. Betway is committed to providing a safe and entertaining leisure activity for our customers and feel sure that NOGA will provide the support for the industry and reassurance to the regulator that will lead to a successful regulated Dutch market.”