ATG sues Svenska Spel for trade mark infringement

Business News

For some time now Svenska Spel has been investing more and more in equestrian sport and recently, among other things, it launched the game form “High Five”, which has a daily turnover of millions.

The gaming company is “Trotting & Galloping” its investment, just like its competitor ATG. ATG has now decided to file a lawsuit against Svenska Spel in this regard.

ATG has nothing against competition. ATG likes the competition. However, the existing rules and rights must be respected.

Protecting our brands is our duty to our owners Svensk Travsport and Svensk Galopp, as well as all tens of thousands in the country whose industry is equestrian. ATG is the only gambling company that contributes to the welfare of equestrian sport. So it is about ensuring the future supply of the Swedish equestrian sport, says Hasse Lord Skarplöth, CEO of ATG.

The lawsuit concerns, among other things, the revocation of a trademark due to a violation of ATG’s company name and was filed with the Patent and Market Court of the Stockholm District Court,” writes the gaming company.

ATG asks the court to prohibit Svenska Spel from using “Trotting & Gallop” for a fine of one million kroner.

Svenska Spel is also required to pay ATG for “the use of the company name” Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp “in business operations and compensation for further damage caused by the violation of ATG”.