iLottery growth drives sales surge for Kentucky Lottery


Kentucky Lottery sales have remained robust for the last five months of FY21, according to information provided to the Lottery’s board of directors.

Vice President and Corporate Controller Maggie Garrison reported sales from July through November were $579.6 million, which is $140.2 million (31.9%) more than the same period in the prior year, and $65.9M (12.8%) more than budgeted.

Net income before dividends and without unclaimed prizes for the timeframe was $127.4 million. This is $28.0 million (28.2%) more than prior year and $15.3 million (13.6%) more than budget.

Key in this success was Scratch-off tickets, which saw sales for the period rise $91.5 million (34.8%) from the previous year. Online sales also continue to show strong growth, moving from $12.1 million for the timeframe in FY19 to $39.3 million in FY21, a 224.1% increase.

“Our retailers and employees have really stepped up in the face of extraordinary challenges,” said Kentucky Lottery President and CEO Mary Harville. “Our sales staff in particular has been efficient and effective under adverse circumstances. Everyone has come together around a common good – making sure Kentucky students have the funds they need to attend college.”