IBIA reports 48% surge in suspicious betting cases

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The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) reported 270 cases of suspicious betting to the relevant authorities during 2020, with 68 of those cases reported in the final quarter (Q4).

The 2020 total is a 48% increase in alerts compared to the 183 cases reported in 2019, with table tennis and eSports accounting for much of that. Tennis (98) and football (61) saw the largest number of alerts with 59% of the total, albeit a fall from 82% in 2019. 

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, said: “2020 was a turbulent year for many sectors including the betting industry, which had to adjust its market offering due to the global sports lockdown. As a result, IBIA focused its integrity monitoring activity to take account of new sports tournaments and competitions that emerged.” He added:

“The association is seeking to work with stakeholders to address any potential integrity issues that may be associated with these new events through a range of actions, including promoting a set of standards for the collation of sports data for betting. Whilst there was an increase in overall alerts from 2019 to 2020, it should be noted that the 2020 cases are consistent with the number of alerts reported in both 2017 and 2018.”