Sky Bet produces horseracing documentary with ITV

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Sky Betting & Gaming and ITV have produced a new documentry aimed at giving viewers a glimpse behind the curtain of professional horse racing.

Daryl Jacob: Being a jockey follows National Hunt jockey Daryl Jacob through a long and famous career, from the highlights of driving a Grand National winner to the low level of breaking five legs in a terrible collision with a barrier at Cheltenham in 2014 .

The film crew gained unmatched access to Daryl’s life as he traveled the country to run, culminating in a glory of a winner at the 2020 Cheltenham Festival.

ITV Racing leader Ed Chamberlin said: “The life of a jockey is one of the most challenging and at times brutal career paths any athlete can take.

From the early mornings to the constant risk of serious injury, you have to be an incredibly hard nut to crack to choose that path in life.

“This documentary provides an excellent insight into Daryl and his family’s life, what drives him and the obstacles he has to overcome to get to where he is today.”

Jacob said: “It was an honor to give the boys some access to the daily world we jockeys live in through the racing calendar.

“Hopefully fans of the sport and others will be able to take away something they did not know before, or that allows them to see things in a slightly different way.”

Jacob is an ambassador for the sports betting brand Sky Bet, which commissioned the documentary.

Sky Bet Content Manager Kevin Brain said: “We want to thank Daryl for being so generous with the timing of the filming of Being a Jockey. “I think everyone will see clearly from the film what a dedicated and inspiring man Daryl is – and what challenges and which he faces to reach the top of the sport.

“Jockeys are some of the most hardworking, resilient and dedicated professionals in the world, and we wanted to show their story in an entertaining and modern way.”