LeoVegas lists shares on US exchange OTCQX

Finance News

LeoVegas’ shares will now be available for trading in USD on OTCQX Markets in the USA.

This is a way for the company to meet the steadily growing interest from US investors and provides greater access to the US capital market.

Starting today, 25 March, LeoVegas’ shares will also be available for trading on OTCQX Markets in the US as an F share under the ticker symbol LEOVF. Accessibility on OTCQX will make it easier to meet the growing interest in LeoVegas from American investors and is thereby expected to bolster global trading in the company’s shares. Trading on OTCQX will complement LeoVegas’ current listing on the Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market list.

“Today approximately 12% of our shareholders are from the USA, and we are seeing ever-greater interest in LeoVegas as a company and investment. The decision to also begin trading on OTCQX will help make us more accessible for American investors and thereby enable others to join us on our growth journey going forward. I want to welcome all of the new shareholders that this will bring,” comments Gustaf Hagman, LeoVegas’ Group CEO.

Trading on the OTCQX market offers companies greater access to the US capital market in a smooth and cost-effective way. US investors will now have the opportunity to conveniently trade in LeoVegas’ shares via a local ticker symbol (LEOVF) and in US dollars. Companies listed on a qualified international stock exchange – in LeoVegas’ case Nasdaq Stockholm – have the opportunity through their reporting and the rules of Nasdaq Stockholm to increase their accessibility and exposure to the US capital market. To qualify for trading on OTCQX, a company must meet high financial standards, adhere to best practices of corporate governance and comply with applicable securities laws.