Stats Perform launches Press Box live streaming service

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Stats Perform announced the launch of PressBox – an all-in-one online platform that delivers data-driven insights, video clip discovery and unparalleled data research, at a speed faster than ever before.

Sports media organizations face a near-insurmountable challenge of producing high-quality analysis, graphics, video, and more within moments during a live event. PressBox addresses these challenges by compiling the most impactful tools all in one place, powered by Stats Perform’s best-in-class sports data. PressBox users can create a truly unique fan experience by supercharging production efforts, reducing time to insight, and enriching commentary with PressBox.

“Key narratives which might have taken researchers 10 crucial minutes to uncover are served in mere moments to PressBox users,” said Stats Perform Chief Product and Marketing Officer Nancy Hensley. “PressBox is the destination for the best sports research and data-driven insights all under one intuitive platform.”

The PressBox platform unifies PressBox Live and PressBox Video with Stats Perform’s other leading data and AI-driven applications providing all the tools broadcast and media teams need to break unique stories faster. With single sign-on, the PressBox platform provides all the essential tools to access rich data, video and content powered by industry leading AI and predictions at users’ fingertips. Production teams can boost productivity, allowing for large-scale content creation and quicker delivery to fans with deeper, richer stories.