More for the future


Magnus Olsson, Head of Sales and Account Management at Play’n GO.

The industry is shifting right now, developing from a start-up, entrepreneurial phase into a mature, more settled business in its own right. That’s not to say that it has lost that pioneering spirit but, how and where you create value is transforming.

You could describe it as a transformation from being relationship-driven to business value-driven. WHO you work with is no longer the main focal point; HOW you work with them and the value you can get from that relationship is becoming the more important factor.

There are so many options that those who cannot show a clear differentiator in what they do and why they do it are in danger of being left behind. All parts in a value chain must be able to identify their USPs and readily articulate them to their audience. There are questions that you need to have the answers to; what value does this add? How does it add value? Why does it add value?

That value needs to be quantified, and businesses need to have a clear plan on how to monetise this to attract investments.

This transformation will be a positive for the industry, and, at Play’n GO, we are doing our part to drive it in several different ways. Firstly, and maybe most importantly, we provide content that adds ‘reel value’ to our partners, giving widely available, high-quality integrations alongside our innovative and practical promotional tools and campaigns. Our dedication to being number one in regulated markets led us to create even more value by making all of our content immediately available in all regions and jurisdictions on launch day. This is something you still don’t see from anyone else at this time.

With 52 new titles released in 2020, to add to a broad library of titles already in the market, we cover all audience types and interests and add a sprinkle of a little innovation on top. Games like Diamond Vortex, Gold Volcano and Reactoonz 2 have pushed the limits and definition of online slots as we currently know them, providing the next generation of slot entertainment.

These types of games have become instant favourites of players, streamers and the more visionary operators in the industry. Innovations like Gold Volcano or Diamond Vortex provide our partners with the diversity they need to attract a new player base while providing the quality to retain current players.

The rate at which we release new games has helped our partners to offer new and exciting content to their audience in a complete and hassle-free package.

This, in turn, frees up time and money for them to invest in other areas and automate their dealings with us; less to worry about, more liberty and resources to help them move forward.

As well as creating next-gen entertainment with innovative titles, we continue to build on our adventure sagas; the Rich Wilde series (expanded to include his daughter Cat), our Egypt-themed games, the King Arthur series with games like Sword and the Grail, and plenty of others including our popular more traditional fare like the Leprechaun and Joker series’.

These families of games will continue to develop and deepen, creating recognisable characters that players flock to because they trust the brand and know the property. As well as creating first-class entertainment, we also invest in the intellectual properties of our stories. That means developing rich characters, narratives and worlds that people connect with and immerse themselves in; the next level.