Paf tightens loss limits despite revenue drop

Finance News

2020 was an extreme year for Paf in so many ways. Large sections of Paf’s operations were shut down during some periods of the year or they operated with severe restrictions.

Paf implemented a lower loss limit at the beginning of the year that also affected the result. Despite the financially strained situation, Paf chose to lower its loss limit even further for 2021.

This year is the third year in a row that Paf has openly published its customer segments – an openness that is still unparalleled in the gaming industry.

The main area that has affected the decline in results is the Land & Ship operations, where revenues decreased by 59%. Internet operations were in turn affected by new restrictions in various markets and cancelled sporting events. Paf’s self-imposed and continuing work to reduce the revenue from its biggest players has also had a noticeable effect on the revenue.

“If we look at our openly published customer segments for, we can declare that we have now completely stopped taking revenue from the ‘high rollers’. This is an important turning point in our pursuit of sustainable revenues,” says Paf’s CEO Christer Fahlstedt.

This year we are also choosing to publish the figures for Paf combined with Paf Multibrand, and this is the table that we will present as a whole for Paf in the future. In the table Paf Multibrand’s figures are for the years 2019 and 2020.

“Paf Multibrand is not an exception to the values we follow and the goals we set ourselves. From now on they are part of Paf and will follow our responsible gaming guidelines,” says Christer.