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The innovative platform software creators at OMEGA Systems have unveiled their game-changing addition of crypto and social casino support.

Now available as part of their already-powerful offering, it’s easier than ever for operators and platforms alike to succeed in an ever-diversifying industry. 

The challenge with operating in an evolving industry like gaming is keeping up with demands – from player demands to technical demands, regulatory demands and everything in between. There’s never been a one-fits-all solution, and operators are struggling to keep up with countless integrations to meet all their needs.

But powered by that challenge is OMEGA Systems: the brains behind the highly versatile platform software that’s continuing to empower their clients with an ever-growing offering. 

Driven solely by client demand, OMEGA delivers OMEGA CORE, an omni-channel platform software that allows gaming partners from all verticals – online, retail, land-based and more – to independently build and manage their operations, no matter the scope.

The software is completely configurable to the needs of the client, meaning that it’s not a one-fits-all solution, but rather a solution that works to fit all clients instead. One such solution is the recent addition of crypto and social casino support, which is now available to operators in one simple interface on OMEGA CORE. While classic B2C solutions with fiat currencies were always possible, one single operator can now explore their options to add not just classic fiat casinos, but crypto and social too – and have them functioning in parallel.

The crypto solution now available allows players to hold unlimited crypto wallets, and also supports both full crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions. All cross-product bonus, tournament and loyalty tools (yet another service provided by OMEGA) are supported with crypto, with zero loss in functionality. 

With social casinos rapidly growing on the scene, OMEGA also saw the importance of supporting operators with such solutions – and hence have made it possible for operators to configure a non-redeemable, non-transferrable virtual currency that players can use on any and all games. That extends to virtual coins and sweepstakes, without loss of bonus functionality, where coins can be used to win sweepstake prizes or coins which can then be redeemed. 

On the topic of games, OMEGA has also made all their solutions compatible with all games available with their software. And with more than 50 major game providers already integrated and ready to plug in, clients of OMEGA’s are now able to offer a superior experience to their competitors, who only offer their own in-house games.

Both the crypto and social casino solutions now join the wider portfolio of OMEGA’s innovations, which have, again, been powered by the challenge to meet the needs and demands of clients. For example, the software has previously made waves for bringing land-based gaming entities online by integrating with Land-based Casino cashier systems and via the OMEGA  SafePlay technology. Using the simplicity of a QR code, operators are able to convert players to play their favourite games across all devices with a single wallet and a still safe and socially-responsible approach to gambling. 

Beyond the technical innovations, OMEGA has also considered all the necessary elements in between to make an operator’s journey as simple as possible.

Think integrations with more than 200 gaming providers; a complete e-commerce platform to allow operators to retain control of their own data; bonus and loyalty tools to keep players engaged; and all the tools needed to promote safe, secure and responsible gambling – and you’ve got the ideal solution. An experienced team of dedicated account managers, along with 24/7 support, also makes the general idea feel more like an extension of one’s own company. 

If it’s all sounding too good to be true at this point, rest assured it’s not – OMEGA Systems is the product of industry veterans who spotted the desperate need for not yet another platform, but a superior platform software that could empower them all. Founded in 2010 with a vision to provide an enterprise-level solution, OMEGA has continued to evolve and adapt to the changes in the industry, which is just one of the reasons for its success. 

OMEGA Systems Business Development Director, Paddy Mann says one of their unique selling points is that OMEGA does not operate as a platform, but rather the driving force to allow clients to build their own platforms.

“Our roadmap is entirely client driven, and the reason clients continue to choose OMEGA to build their operations is that we’re not working to our own motivations, but theirs. Our clients are truly a partner in our development, and actually I get a kick out of hearing clients refer to our platform software as their own software – because it’s here for them to build from and succeed,” Paddy says.

“The support for crypto and social casinos was born from this same concept: our clients needed it, so we built it and we support it. We apply the same way of thinking to all that we do at OMEGA – a client needs a top game provider for their top market, we integrate that game provider. Regulation requires new processes or development, we implement those processes. Ultimately our clients’ success is our own, and we’re yet to find fault in our entirely client-driven approach.”

With a constant stream of developments and plans for future growth, OMEGA continues to expand its more-than-satisfied client base, each of which are building multiple brands and operations for success in various verticals across the industry. And with a client-friendly approach and superior technological solutions, it’s no surprise that an increasing amount of operators are looking to make the OMEGA switch. 
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