Sportnco sees revenue jump 37%

Finance News

Sportnco is delighted to announce a 68% increase in EBITDA from €3.7m to €6.1m in 2020, following approval of its consolidated accounts at its shareholders assembly.

Sportnco’s revenues, which rose 37% in 2020 to €19m (vs. €14m in 2019).

Revenues were split between the group’s major B2B and B2C activities. B2B revenues were up 89% to €10m, while consumer-facing revenues rose 3% to €9m. Post-tax net profits were up 50% to €1.8m.

The Sportnco group manages 36 real money gaming clients across 13 regulated markets in Europe, Latin America and the US and will be focusing its business development priorities on those three regions.

Hervé Schlosser, CEO of Sportnco, commented: “The past 12 months have demonstrated the strength of the Sportnco group. As a business we were Covid- resilient and provided further proof of our ability to accelerate growth through M&A operations with the acquisition of Tecnalis and its award-winning Alira player account management platform this year.

“Regulation of sports betting and gaming markets continues to spread worldwide and we are extremely excited by the opportunities that Sportnco will have to benefit from these developments in the coming months and years.”