Parimatch signs partnership with Ukrainian Esports Federation

Business News

Parimatch has entered into a partnership with The Ukrainian Esports Federation and announced the largest newest CS: GO and Dota 2 esports championship—the UESF Parimatch Championship of Ukraine with a total competition prize pool worth UAH 1,500,000.

In the first qualifying round, the matches will be held in a Best of One (BO1) Round-Robin format. The total number of registered competing teams will be divided into 16 groups.

In the second qualifying round, matches will again be played according to the BO1 Round-Robin system. Based on the results of the groups in the first qualifying stage, the TOP-4 teams will be invited to 4 groups (A, B, C, D); 16 teams will be competing in each group.

The main stage is the last qualifying stage before the playoffs of the Championship of Ukraine. It will be held according to the BO2 Round-Robin match format. The main stage consists of two leagues: League A and League B. The teams that took the first 6 places groups A and B are invited to compete in League A, while the top 6 teams from groups C and D receive invitations to League B.

The 8 teams competing in the final, Super Playoffs, stage will be the TOP-4 teams from the playoffs of both League A and League B. The matches will be held according to the double-elimination system with the BO3 match format.