The ANJ and the OFDT sign framework agreement

Responsible Gambling

In order to maintain gambling in a sustainable perspective of recreational gambling and better protect players, it is essential to better understand the drivers of gambling behavior and the complex phenomena of addiction they produce. This is the subject of the partnership agreement signed on June 22 between the ANJ and the OFDT.

The partnership agreement between the ANJ and the OFDT signed on June 22 by Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, President of the ANJ, and Julien Morel D’Arleux, director of the OFDT, specifies the terms of cooperation between the two organizations. , the scope of their respective interventions, with regard to the missions assigned to them in the prevention of excessive or pathological gambling and the protection of minors. 

Three areas are particularly covered by this convention: Articulate their actions in order to better support the holders of exclusive rights in the implementation of their obligation to donate 0.002% of their stakes to the financing of scientific studies on gambling and gambling addictions ;

Share their expertise in the JAH sector in order to be able to regularly provide studies and research in the service of a recreational game;

Share data and knowledge relating to ADHD and the mechanisms associated with addiction and provide reciprocal support in order to promote research relating to gambling behavior and the dissemination of scientific publications on this subject.

This framework agreement also aims to define an action plan shared between the OFDT and the ANJ for fiscal years 2021 and 2022. This action plan enables work deemed to be a priority to be carried out to strengthen the effectiveness of the regulation of gambling and the robustness of the decisions adopted by the ANJ.

The ANJ may, as necessary, involve the OFDT in its work and, in particular, invite it to participate in the work of the advisory committee on the prevention of excessive gambling. It may also be invited to the work of the scientific college of the OFDT on subjects concerning gambling and the addiction phenomena they produce.