Malta to Start Recognising COVID-19 EU Vaccine Passport & UK Green Travel Passes


Starting from July 1, people who hold an EU COVID-19 Vaccination Passport and UK citizens that hold a green travel pass are allowed to enter Malta without undergoing any restrictions, the Maltese Health Ministry announced.

“As of July 1, Malta will also recognise the EU Digital COVID Certificate and UK green passports,” the spokesperson said.

Malta currently only recognises the domestic vaccine certificate, However, the relaxation of the restrictions comes in a bid to revive the hard-hit sector of tourism.

For travellers arriving from the UK, Maltese authorities require a two-dose vaccination proof to be provided.

A Maltese resident or citizen who is not a holder of an accepted vaccination certificate is allowed to enter the country only after asking for a pre-authorisation from the adequate authorities who request a PCR test taken before departure, a 14-day quarantine and PCR tests taken throughout quarantine.

Previously, Malta had vaccination certificate and PCR test requirements for all people travelling from and to the island since June 1. Travellers who could not provide either were not permitted to enter Malta.

The country has joined the EUDCC gateway, meaning that all vaccinated travellers, those who recovered from Coronavirus and those who tested negative in the most recent hours will be allowed to freely travel to member states after obtaining an EU Digital COVID-19 Passport.

The first countries that started issuing the document are Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Poland, since June 1, a month ahead of the deadline set by the EU.