Danske Spil CEO Pernille Mehl to step down

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Pernille Mehl is to step down as director of Danske Spil’s lottery division, Danske Lotteri Spil  after six years in the role.

Nikolas Lyhne-Knudsen, the administrative director, said: “Pernille, together with her team and in collaboration across Danske Spil, has delivered an incredibly good effort and impressive results in DLO, which means that today we have very strong and competitive brands within our games.

“I would therefore like to take this opportunity to say a thousand thanks to Pernille and offer congratulations. I am glad that Pernille has plenty of time to follow tasks through to the end and say a proper goodbye in the autumn.”

Mehl said: “I have enjoyed every single day in Danske Spil, so it is with sadness that I have to say goodbye. I feel proud and lucky to have been surrounded by such competent colleagues, who together have helped to create a strong business.”