Svenska Spel donates SEK2.2m to gambling addiction projects

Responsible Gambling

Svenska Spel has donated SEK 2.2 million towards four new research gambling harm projects.

Jakob Jonsson, Center for Psychiatric Research, Karolinska Institutet, has been granted SEK 727,892 for a study on “Use and effects of self-testing as a gambling responsibility measure”.

Since 2019, gaming companies with a Swedish license must offer customers an opportunity to take a self-test about their gaming habits. But do these self-tests have any effect on customers’ gambling behavior? Jonsson will investigate this in his study. It will also be looked at whether the effect differs between “normal players” and high consumers of games.

Sofia Vadlin, Center for Clinical Research, Region Västmanland, is awarded SEK 500,000 for the project “Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on gambling behavior and gambling problems”.

Vadlin’s research team will investigate what gambling behavior looked like before and during the corona pandemic and what special risk factors or protective factors determine whether the person develops gambling problems or not. They will also follow up on whether computer gambling and gambling on so-called loot boxes affect money gambling in young adults.

Anna Söderpalm Gordh, Sahlgrenska Academy, receives SEK 500,000 for the study “Computer game addiction: A clinical treatment study”.

In this research project, the actual effect of a newly developed 15-week CBT-based treatment manual for computer game addiction is evaluated.

Tobias Elgan, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, is granted SEK 500,000 for the project “Elite football players, problem gambling and prevention strategies”.

Previous research has shown that gambling problems are more common among male elite athletes compared to the general population. Tobias’ research project aims to develop preventive measures against gambling problems and other risk behaviors among male elite football players in Sweden. If the preventive measures prove to work, they can be spread both to football clubs in lower divisions and to other sports.

This year’s applications were both high quality and showed breadth, comments Sara Lindholm, chair of Svenska Spel’s independent research council.

It is important and socially important that we continue to support research that aims to develop evidence-based methods to counteract gambling. In addition, it is important that research can help society develop new treatment methods for gambling addiction.