BtoBet provide “Denmark Betting Focus” Analyses Market’s Leading Traits In Engaging Players On Online Channels

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BtoBet, the sportsbook and gaming platform provider, has launched a new research dedicated to covering the Danish betting market.

The “Denmark Betting Focus” analyses how certain countries have had more of an impact on iGaming, with Denmark being a prime example of this with the local market registering a larger participation rate on the online channels when compared to the land-based sector.

BtoBet’s analysis details how the market evolved since 2012, and the ways in which the country has consistently established itself as a leader in engaging players on its online channels.

The report also gives an in-depth insight of the market overview especially: 

  • the exponential growth of the online channels, 
  • player demographics and psychographics,
  • the impact that the pandemic has had on the market during 2020, and
  • the effect that the pandemic has had on the land-based sector during this year’s first quarter.

The “Denmark Betting Focus” is available for free and can be accessed on

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