EGT Interactive: The Making of Burning Keno


Mirela Agatonovic, Product Manager at EGT Interactive talks to 5 Star about the companies latest slot offering Burning Keno.

What is Burning Keno? 

What we are trying to do with ‘Burning Keno’ is to have a better user experience and to offer user-centric features. While playing it, the user gets the feeling of a real-time game because of the withdraw every 30 seconds. 

The game could be played with one to ten numbers, and the player is getting an immediate payout based on how many numbers they are playing with. Additionally, there is real-time sorting, instant re-bet functionality, and a quick overview of hot and cold numbers. There is one more exciting option – it’s playing with more than seven numbers, a player could get a payout even when none of those was matched – Win when there is no win. 

Which markets and/or types of players is it aimed at?

With this game, we are targeting a global audience. Of course, we would initially focus on players and markets that already have experience with a traditional lottery. Our game is bringing an entirely new level to the experience they had until now. 

The game is going to be a hit for sure. What else do you have going on at the moment? 

In addition to this segment, we are having a new title ‘Lotto 5/35 Plus’ with 6th ball bonus game which is coming up soon. So, we will keep you posted on that. 

In your opinion, what are the main reasons that you’ve succeeded to catch the interest of players from multiple regions so fast?

EGT Interactive is always trying to be one step ahead of its competitors. We are famous for delivering top-notch slot games and we did the same by building modern and easy to play game. This product increases the player commitment and ensures the user retention.