European Commission to investigate FDJ over exclusive rights


The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to determine whether the granting of exclusive rights to ( FDJ ) Française des Jeux for 25 years complies with EU State aid rules.

This advantage granted to the leading gambling operator in France, which was privatized at the end of 2019, could constitute a violation of European Union (EU) state aid rules. The European Commission said in a statement that it does not rule it out “The measure could provide an undue economic advantage to the Française des jeux”.

Granting of exclusive rights to the FDJ “It concerns the operation, on the one hand, of lottery games marketed in a physical and online distribution network, and, on the other hand, of sports betting marketed in a physical distribution network” the Commission specified.

“Following the receipt of two complaints relating to the sum of 380 million euros paid by Française des Jeux to France, as compensation for the exclusive rights granted, the Commission will verify that the remuneration is in line with market conditions”.