BGaming has upgraded its B2B support service

Business News

BGaming studio has brought its approach to support service work up to date by offering a new concept of a Help center for clients. That allowed the studio to improve interaction with partners and at the same time significantly accelerated the integration processes with new clients. One of the latest examples is the integration of BGaming and the aggregator platform Lotre that took just 2 weeks. 

“Along with a diverse portfolio of engaging products, easy and fast integration is one of the key requirements for casino games suppliers. If you can offer it, you have an advantage. That’s why we launched the Help Center. We successfully tested it when we received the MGA license, and at once a lot of new projects appeared in the pipeline. Now we expect a Greek license, and we have no doubt that we will be able to work with clients from this region efficiently,” comments Alexandr Shavel, Head of BizDev Department at BGaming.

The changes have affected all stages of the support service making it more convenient and flexible for both aggregator platforms and operators. The approach is focused on deep learning of the client’s environment in each particular case and further analysis of its needs and technical requirements. It helps to have all bases covered and provide the solution for any challenge in advance. 

“We carry out internal deep learning sessions with the help of our devs, so the support team can understand how our games work from the inside out and gain more and more experience in tricky situations. Moreover, we’re always open to suggestions on how to improve our backend (and not only backend, when it comes to post-integration support!) to make the experience more and more advantageous to all parties”, highlights Hanna Stsiakolenka, Technical Account Manager Team Lead at BGaming.

BGaming has successfully completed the integration into 7 reputable aggregator platforms since the beginning of the year, which allowed the provider to go live with many fiat and crypto casinos.