Live Casino – why dedicated studios can push the vertical to new limits


Bhotesh Maheshwari, VP Strategy and Operations, Pragmatic Play.

While it is possible to enjoy an immersive game of blackjack or roulette in a brick-and-mortar casino, Live Casino games give players the flexibility to enjoy leading table games.

The Live Casino vertical continues to offer players exciting experiences as technology improves and suppliers approach the vertical with real energy and innovation. As players become more and more familiar with not just the standard Live Casino offering, but the differing game variants and possibilities that exist in the space, the potential for Live Dealer titles will expand exponentially.

With that in mind, how can suppliers push player engagement to the next level, without creating a completely new Live Casino game? The balance between keeping a vertical recognisable and driving it to new heights can be a challenge, however, it is something Pragmatic Play has approached with a keen eye on technology. Given the manner in which it is currently advancing, it is possible to create immersive environments hitherto unmatched in the industry.

A prime example of how Pragmatic Play will be using today’s tech to enhance engagement is by using Chroma technology. The company will be offering their clients the ability to customise a table virtually, using 3D backgrounds and special effects that stay true to the experience of a brick-and-mortar casino. Pragmatic Play’s Chroma Solutions will allow operators a scalable, customisable product which can push their branding and design ideas to the next level, by using the highest quality, industry leading software.

Allied with promotions, banners and an environment where almost everything is customised and in such a swift manner is a real game changer for both suppliers and operators, making it possible to stand apart in a landscape where the classics are still king.

The option to customise remains valuable for operators and is something Pragmatic Play truly believes can push player engagement to a new level. This is why it works closely with partners in the creation of dedicated Live Studios. 

Currently, the supplier has produced three bespoke and completely unique studios for major partners M88, Unibet and 1xBet. Not only does this create a new level of engagement, there’s also the option for operators to have a branded table in the Pragmatic Play studio.

This cost-effective route still allows players to feel that they are in the immersive world of their favourite brand, but at a significantly lower cost to operators. 

From branding tables to colour schemes and more, every inch of the dedicated studio is customised to an operator’s requirements, giving players an unmatched immersive experience.  This customisation leaves no stone unturned in maximising player enjoyment, while also ensuring that the Live Dealer setting resonates with that company’s brand values.

As a vertical, Live Casino is such an exciting space, but there’s so much more that can be done to give players an experience that can’t be matched, either in their own homes or via simple plug and play Live Dealer solutions. 

Being able to create environments that resonate with operator brands, make players feel at home and drive retention and engagement is vital for suppliers to continue to grow the vertical and attract players from both land-based and other spheres of online gaming.