SKS365 back a hybrid approach to remote working

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It has been 19 months since the world suddenly found itself facing a dramatic health emergency, that has inevitably revolutionized everyday life. Among the biggest changes that this pandemic has brought with it, is certainly the value of time and the importance of the personal and individual sphere beyond one’s role or job position.

This means for companies that the quality of life of employees has become a competitive asset and a key parameter for reviewing productivity based on people’s satisfaction and safety.

This represents the core of the project that is officially launched within the SKS365 Group offices: Work.Live.Play. It is a more flexible working model that the company has been developing in the last two years and that the pandemic has further boosted. Work.Live.Play. is not just a choice of the place where to work. Its strength and innovation lie in the personalization of the working routine on the basis of a balance between the needs and requirements of each employee and the function and role he covers within the organization. Work.Live.Play. is a dynamic model that evolves over time, thanks to a constant collection of feedback from employees.

“There are different working routines in SKS365 – says Brian Dean, Chief People Officer of the Group – 100% remotely, 100% from the office, or a mix between the office and remote working. It is a method of differentiation within the company: a more flexible, engaging and dynamic way of working focused on the needs of each individual employee, taking into account wellbeing and safety, allowing people to create a more personal way of working while remaining productive in their roles. Furthermore – continues Dean – it allows us to plan and reorganize office spaces and additional technological requirements for a better work experience.”

No changes to hours per week, no adjustments to salaries, annual leaves and holidays or, least of all of the allowances. “No obstacles – specifies Dean –for people’s careers, no one will be penalized or left behind if he decides to work 100% remotely. We want to encourage people to feel free from outdated bonds and anachronistic dynamics that add nothing to individual productivity or performance. In our internal interviews with the managers and the HR team, we even gave green light to work from abroad or to spend the whole summer with the family, even for those who have decided on 100% office mode. In short, it is not the presence or physical attendance that we are interested in nourishing, but the moral aspect, the motivation and commitment of our employees: this is what we have always been aiming for. We are deeply convinced that a winning approach is based on finding the right balance between work, psychophysical wellbeing and free time. Employee satisfaction and wellbeing lead to higher employee productivity, especially in these times of uncertainty.”

“At SKS365 key to our work is customer service and a result oriented working culture” – says Alexander Martin, CEO of SKS365 – “that requires clear goals, active communication and a high degree of self-discipline and proactiveness by all staff. Driven by the global pandemic, we accelerated our flexible working model which has clearly proven to be successful. Across the group we realized higher productivity and better results.

The future is clearly a hybrid model depending on roles, functional activities, and benefits of physical collaboration. While many tasks can be done effective remotely, including collaboration given modern tools, coming together for physical meetings grows togetherness and drives Live and Play with colleagues.” The Group currently has employees, located in four offices: Serbia, Malta, Austria and Italy. 20 nationalities coexist under SKS365 corporate brand. WLP model ensures alignment with employment law under each jurisdiction of the four countries and adaptions of provided allowances & benefits. The new working model is perfectly aligned to the company culture book launched in 2019 in which it is stated that diversity and inclusion are the key pillars of its corporate identity.