Holland Casino goes live in the Netherlands

Business News

As previously announced, Holland Casino went live with its online gambling offer last night. As the only provider, the casino company offers – from Dutch soil – Live Dealer Casino with, among other things, roulette and blackjack.

In addition, Holland Casino also offers online sports betting, slot machines and poker. In the coming period, this offer will be further expanded with, among other things, the popular online bingo. This way players can enjoy a wide range of online games in a safe, responsible and transparent way.

There is great interest in Holland Casino’s online games of chance. At peak times, registration can sometimes take longer than anticipated. It may then be decided to allow new players in phases at that time. However, Holland Casino’s customer service is fully occupied to help them as quickly and effectively as possible.

Holland Casino has invested heavily in this offer because it sees digital transformation and innovation as essential for the future of the company. The intention was to go live with the online offer on 1 October.

Due to first a technical failure and then an instability at the Central Register of Exclusion of Chances (Cruks) and resulting technical complications for its own systems, Holland Casino decided to postpone its online offer until Monday evening, October 4, 2021. Quality of service and reliability were paramount. central to this decision.

Holland Casino is pleased with the interest and enthusiastic responses from new players to the online games of chance offered. These games of chance are offered in a controlled environment with – as can be expected from Holland Casino with its social mission – a great deal of attention for matters such as prevention, safety and reliability. Something for which Holland Casino was founded exactly 45 years ago.