Eurosport TV channel fined €800,000 for gambling ads


The National Police Board of Finland prohibited Eurosport SAS (Eurosport) from marketing gambling services in Mainland Finland on the Eurosport 1 television channel.

The prohibition remains valid for a period of three months and shall apply from 30 days after the date of service of the decision, unless otherwise directed by the appeal authority.

According to the National Police Board’s knowledge Eurosport has received the decision on 28 September 2021. In order to reinforce the prohibition, the National Police Board has imposed a conditional fine of EUR 800,000 on Eurosport. The decision is not final.

The National Police Board has detected marketing of gambling services on the company’s Eurosport 1 television channel in Finland. The marketing of gambling services has occurred regularly, extensively and for several years. Gambling services have been marketed in advertisements during commercial breaks in television broadcasting. 

“The supervision process in accordance with our legislation gives companies the opportunity to alter their operations and have their views heard,” says Anna-Emilia Sirén, Senior Adviser, Gambling Administration at the National Police Board.

Despite a number of exhortations, Eurosport has, however, continued the marketing that is considered unlawful by the authority.