MGA launches Consultation on the Revised Audit Service Provider Guidelines


The Malta Gaming Authority invites the gaming industry, service providers as well as wider interest groups to express their views and provide their feedback in relation to the Revised Audit Service Provider Guidelines.

In 2018, the Authority introduced a process whereby service providers interested in performing relevant auditing work are required to apply to the MGA for their suitability to be assessed and approved.

The process proved to be effective, providing the MGA with the appropriate mechanism to approve independent and competent Service Providers as well as remove or suspend providers in case of unsatisfactory performance. The Authority has recently reviewed the requirements applicable to audit services to ensure that they remain up to date in view of the ongoing developments in the sector and in line with the MGA’s expectations.

Following the consultation process, the Authority intends to publish its decision, including the final version of the Guidelines and any other supporting documents, by the end of the year 2021.

Any queries and requests for clarifications that contributors may have in respect of the contents of the consultation paper and feedback from the interested parties shall be sent to the following email address: