IBIA releases Spanish and Portuguese market study


The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has released Spanish and Portuguese translations of the Optimum Betting Market study.

The study provides a unique insight into best practice regulatory models for betting around the globe and an analysis of IBIA operators’ market and integrity data covering $137bn (€115bn) in betting turnover per annum. 

In addition to contributing to the ongoing betting market and integrity discussion in Spain and Portugal, the translations have been published to assist the development of betting policy consideration across Spanish and Portuguese speaking Latin America. To that end, the study assesses the existing regulatory models in Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, and it is hoped that this will assist the development of betting regulation in other regional countries such as Brazil. 

H2 Gambling Capital valued the Latin American betting market at $1.3bn (€1.1bn) in gross win in 2020 and it is forecast to see a near threefold increase to $3.4bn (€2.9bn) by 2025.  

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA said: “The burgeoning Latin American sports betting market is an increasingly important focus for IBIA members’ business operations. It is also unfortunately the focus of corrupters seeking to manipulate sporting events to defraud betting operators. Indeed, between 2017 and the end of the third quarter of 2021, IBIA alerted the relevant authorities to 112 cases of suspicious betting across 15 Latin American countries and 4 different sports.”

“It is hoped that this report will provide some assistance to Latin American policymakers, sports and betting operators in responding to the threat to the integrity of sport and to developing effective betting regulation. Integrity has been a core part of the betting market discussion in North America, with the integrity standards recently published by Ontario seen as a best practice model; IBIA would like to see this focus and approach replicated across Latin America and beyond.”

The study was conducted by leading global gambling data and intelligence company H2 Gambling Capital, which was commissioned to evaluate various regulatory frameworks for betting around the world. Gambling trade associations BGC, BOS, EGBA, Jdigital and NOGA were also involved as project partners.