OMEGA Systems: Powering America and beyond


Paddy Mann, Business Development Director at OMEGA Systems.

Entering a new market is a milestone for any iGaming organisation, but the US in particular has been a key market on many companies’ radars for some time now. Since PASPA was struck down in May 2018, there’s been a flurry of discussions around which operators and suppliers have or will enter the market, which states they’ll be entering, and with whom they’ll be partnering up with.

It certainly has felt like a digital version of the gold rush, and everyone is scrambling to catch their piece of the pie. At OMEGA Systems, a leading platform software provider, they’ve taken their time to tackle this fruitful market – and they’re confident they’re now entering with full speed. 

OMEGA Systems is a bit of a unique concept, filling an incredibly important gap in the industry. OMEGA is  a platform management software provider, heavily focused on creating superior technology to serve a multitude of gaming partners, from online operators to land-based retailers, from crypto to social casinos, from aggregators, to agency and shop solutions, and more. Operating globally, their offices span across Lisbon, Malta, Vancouver, Toronto and Malaysia, giving OMEGA the setup they need to serve clients all over the world. In addition to providing all necessary components for success including game, payment, regulatory and promotional management functionality, the OMEGA platform integrates with a wide variety of  KYC, exclusion and compliance technology solutions. As a software provider OMEGA focus on  on developing innovative solutions to maximize operator productivity and simplify operations. 

For example, at several client installations OMEGA has  effectively bridged the gap between land-based and online operations, they’ve also built an impressive agency management system to manage multiple retail networks, and they’ve also built a range of API’s  that can easily be adopted by any new partner. Using OMEGA’s software also means getting the ability to turn on  more than 250 gaming providers across a multitude of verticals. The strength of OMEGA is that they work with their clients as partners, meaning that a client’s challenge becomes OMEGA’s project and, ultimately, success. Their development roadmap is very much determined by their clients, and this has been instrumental in getting OMEGA to where it is today. 

It’s this mentality that gives OMEGA the confidence that they’ve made the right decision to only enter the US market now. While they’ve seen their competitors enter quickly and go all in on the American dream, they’ve also seen them soon realise the scope of each state and each client has opened up huge challenges. Instead, OMEGA has stood back and waited for the market to mature. They’ve spent their time planning their entrance and making sure they’re not just another newcomer, but a valuable player. For OMEGA, entering the US and other regulated markets isn’t just about opening doors, it’s about intelligently filling gaps in the industry and making sure that they’re in the right gear to be providing the right service for their clients.

OMEGA Systems business development director Paddy Mann says one of their key strengths at OMEGA is their ability to serve land-based operations and connect them to an online platform. “Land-based entities are always looking for flexibility and control. With our products, the client essentially runs their own platform and chooses which sportsbook, casino provider and payment providers they want. This approach allows our clients to take complete control of their own platform, thereby matching a lot of land-based customers’ requirements,” he said. As always, signed deals speak louder than words – and just recently OMEGA reached a huge milestone for their growing company, signing their first client for the US. 

compliant in more than 10 jurisdictions, including most recently Argentina and the Netherlands, OMEGA is well on its way to spreading roots across the world to serve more clients and new challenges. Their decision to hold back, research and enter the US at a later time has already proven to be advantageous, and OMEGA is likely to become a familiar name when considering this market. To learn more about the wide range of services OMEGA provides, OMEGA will be attending the SBC conference in New Jersey this November.