Aspire Global sees third quarter revenue rise by 46%

Finance News

iGaming giant Aspire Global has today posted a 46% increase in revenue during the third quarter to €€58.6. The Malta-headquartered firm saw EBITDA climb by 38.0 % to €9.1m. EBIT increased by 38.7% to €6.8m, earnings after tax increased 68.1% to €64.

Tsachi Maimon, CEO, said: With the sale of the B2C segment, Aspire Global will become a clearly focused B2B company and even stronger and more profitable. The sale will also give us additional resources to further develop and enhance our B2B offering as well as the opportunity to explore new M&A activities. In Q3 2021, we have made key progress towards our objective of establishing strong positions in the US and Brazil. Our success in these markets will be important steps in reaching our goal to become a world leading B2B iGaming supplier.

The sale of the B2C segment – expected to take place at the end of November 2021 – will have a significant positive impact on Aspire Global’s position as a focused B2B company and profitability. Excluding the B2C segment, revenues increased by 36.1% to €118.9 million and EBITDA increased by 54.1% to €22.7 million in the first nine months 2021 with an EBITDA margin of 19.1%. B2B organic growth in the nine-month period amounted to 27.1%.

We initiated the review of our B2C segment in March this year, and on October 1 we announced the agreement with US-based Esports Technologies to acquire the B2C segment. The consideration sums up to about €65 million, consisting of €50 million in cash, €10 million in a promissory note and €5 million in common stock in the listed entity of Esports Technologies. The transaction also includes a four-year platform and managed services agreement with an estimated gross value of €70 million, based on present volumes. The transaction is expected to close by November 30, 2021, pending Esports Technologies receipt of financing, and other closing requirements.

Aspire Global has consistently demonstrated its ability to execute its growth strategy, reaching its financial targets and create value. We see great growth opportunities by expanding with existing partners, gaining new partners and entering new markets. With the divestment of the B2C segment we will further enhance investments in our technology and product offering as well as geographic presence with focus on Brazil and the US. We will also put even more energy on increasing the M&A pipeline. We clearly execute our growth strategy to become a world leading iGaming supplier.