ELK Studios unveil Stars of Orion


Galactic riches

As the prominent constellation in the galaxy, the majestic Stars of Orion shine brightly through space, spreading riches across all parts of the cosmos.

Stars of Orion is a 6 column 8 rows celestial slot in the ELK Gravity series. It comes with increasing win multipliers, Magic features, Super symbols, a bonus, and a Super bonus!

Bonus and Super bonus game

3 or more bonus symbols trigger the Free Drops bonus game. During the bonus game, the Magic Meter is persistent. If bonus symbols are red, the Super Bonus game is triggered with a higher probability to hit Super Symbols.

Game Features

X-iterTM allows players to jump right into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 5x bet with a guaranteed win up to a 500x Super Bonus with a higher probability to hit Super Symbols. More info about X-iter™

Orion´s Wilds
When the Orion’s Wilds feature is triggered, it creates one of four wild patterns that form part of the Orion sign.

Super Symbols
Super symbols spread to merge winning clusters into larger superclusters.

Magic Meter
The Magic Meter progress on every win and award multipliers and Magic Features.

Symbol Swap
The Symbol Swap feature swaps adjacent symbols to create winning clusters.

Fun Fact
In Greek mythology, the 7 daughters of the giant Atlas, were chased over the face of the earth by Orion after becoming the object of his affections. To be saved from Orion’s pursuit, they begged Zeus to save them, who then placed them in the night sky preventing Orion from ever catching them.

Game Data

For the optimal gaming experience, ELK Studios recommend launching the game in 1600×900 resolution. If scaling is required, use 16:9 ratio.