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Recently Uplatform added to their 65+ multi-language platform an additional two new languages – Icelandic and Lingala. Making their platform even more appealing for businesses looking to expand to new markets. But it’s not only translations that make localization effective.

If content is the king, then localization is the queen that can lead a business to great prosperity. By focusing on global and regionalized preferences and tastes, a successful localization solution does more than just translate your content; it recreates it in a broader perspective for your brand to expand and personally connect to audiences. Effective localization solutions provide brands access to a wide range of multiple markets local targets while maintaining a comprehensive, well-known, and all-encompassing global brand identity.

That is why the Uplatform team has developed a comprehensive platform solution that addresses the following key aspects for effective targeted localization enabling businesses to thrive and succeed.


If you are serious about reaching new markets and maximizing your opportunities, having local languages is critical. Numerous research data on customer behaviors have found that people are more likely to utilize your online business and return if available in their native language. The team at Uplatform understands the importance and impact of language and is proactively adding new languages to assure players feel welcome and at home, with over 65 + presently available and two new additions just introduced Lingala and Icelandic. Localized content also plays a vital part in generating trust and developing a reliable brand identity – this is very relevant for players to understand how games and betting processes work and when dealing with important subjects like responsible gambling.

Another crucial point here is support. Not only content should be localized, but the support team as well – they should speak the same language as the player to create loyal and trustful relationships. 

Engaging diverse content

It is not only the popular sports like European football and US basketball that are in demand. For the majority of regions, local content is a must – whether it’s local cricket leagues or betting on Sepak Takraw in Asia. To scale and conquer new markets, you need to cover global championships and popular local leagues and events – like delivering LATAM players lower-tier football leagues they passionately love and follow. Uplatform’s diversely extensive portfolio offering opens up more markets by providing a globally attractive selection of casino games, slots, non-sport betting, esports, lower-tier sports league, amateur sports, and unusual sports such as teqvolley, as well as many more unique events all across the world. 

Not only is content essential – displaying the right content to a specific player based on his location will make it count. Displaying regionalized and personalized content is a key for

creating the right betting experience, moving the player through his tunnel, and increasing their engagement.

Incorporating a universally diverse sportsbook and online casino platform not only provides an attractive and diverse range of choices, including popular content players enjoy, but it also enables businesses to regionalize and provide content to the betting preferences of specific markets. 


Bonuses provide some of the most effective promotion tools a business can use to attract and drive growth; bonuses appeal to new players and help retain existing ones. Because each market can be quite different, so should the bonuses on offer. Uplatform’s effective bonus solution includes everything you’ll need to keep players engaged and interested. The advantage of the Uplatform solution is that it has something for everyone, including popular and well-known bonuses like free spins, cashback, and loyalty programs to enhancing playing interests with bonuses that provide the highest value to the player such as newcomers with new account registration, first deposit, and many more. However, in some regions, this will not be enough; gamification and quests will be required. Good thing, Uplatform has it all.

A variety of valuable features, such as advanced targeting, provide you access to a vast array of insightful data that you can use to design personalized and localized bonuses to target specific players and audiences. 

Payment methods and preferences

To compete in today’s global sports betting and casino marketplace, businesses need to provide their players with payment options that are beneficial and practical for them, which is more often defined by geographical location. The ultimate goal is to provide a service that minimizes payment risk while simultaneously meeting the player’s requirements. Uplatform offers more than 300 different payment options that include popular and alternative methods, global and preferred local ones – there’s something for everyone throughout the globe, including credit cards, e-wallets, online payment processors, cryptocurrencies, and local exchanges. Businesses benefit from having a comprehensive choice of deposit methods that provide additional accessibility, markets, and convenience, with the added ability and versatility to introduce new payment methods based on a market’s needs and requirements.

Localization is demanding and challenging and requires in-depth knowledge of the region and its requirements.  Uplatform offers an all-in-one solution that can be tailored to the needs of almost any market, with powerful solutions that include content, tools, and services, delivering optimized campaigns and greater access to more markets and playing audiences. The Uplatfrom goal is for partnered clients to achieve effective localization by providing high-quality solutions so that they have every advantage to expand and succeed in the markets they have entered.

If you’re seeking high-quality localization solutions to increase your market reach and revenue. Or looking to create a new business, expand your present sports betting and casino operations or establish and gain a strong presence in new or emerging markets. Contact the professional team at Uplatform – via contact form or email for expert advice with any project ideas or questions you may have.