Danish regulator orders Unibet to amend anti-money laundering procedures


The Danish Gambling Authority has ordered Unibet to notify the Money Laundering Secretariat of a previous player with Unibet to correct an existing breach of the obligation to notify of section 26(1) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act. Unibet has been given a deadline of two weeks to make the report. 

The action for failure to comply with the rules on customer due diligence and failure to comply with the obligation to investigate is brought against Unibet because Unibet has let a player deposit DKK 1.4 million to his account in the period from December 2016 to 2018 without having sufficient knowledge about whether or not the players funds originated from crime.

In December 2018, Unibet requested that the player submit documentation for the origin of the funds. The documentation provided by the player confirmed the suspicion that the player gambled much more than he could finance via his income and assets. Despite this, Unibet let the player continue to deposit about DKK 1.8 million to his account during 2019 and up until April 2020, when his account was closed.