KaFe Rocks and Time2play offering unique perks to attract and retain employees


KaFe Rocks and its new destination brand Time2play announced that all employees will now enjoy an unlimited number of vacation days, as well as unlimited access to mental health support in partnership with Richmond Foundation.

Even before the pandemic, KaFe Rocks was one of the first companies in the iGaming industry to offer its employees a fully-remote lifestyle. Now the Malta-based firm with more than 160 employees worldwide is offering these new benefits to each of its team members, or Rocketeers as they’re known.

“We really value a healthy work-life balance among our Rocketeers and we want to be able to support people to take time off when they want. At our core is trust, passion, and accountability; and so moving to this model made perfect sense to us,” said KaFe Rocks Head of People, Cordelia Morgan Cooper.

“The People team will be working closely with leaders within the business to ensure that our Rocketeers are taking time off to rest, recuperate, and enjoy some time out! We will still have our Christmas period ‘shut down’ where all of our Rocketeers will be out of the business but will also be encouraging people to take time off regularly throughout the year,” continued Cooper.

In addition to unlimited vacation time, every employee will have access to unlimited remote mental health support through Richmond Foundation. Employees residing in or visiting Malta will also have the opportunity for face-to-face sessions.

“As we are a remote business and don’t necessarily have the same human touchpoints as we would if we were office-centric, we really want to give our Rocketeers the tools to be happy and healthy both in and out of work,” explained Cooper. “By giving each of our Rocketeers an unlimited cap on mental health support should they need it, we want to show that it’s ok to not be ok, and we are there to support our people through the good days, but also the tough days.”

KaFe Rocks is one of the leading iGaming affiliates whose fully-remote team is situated around the globe. Along with its new destination brand Time2play, the organization plans to hire dozens of new Rocketeers