Åsne Havnelid resigns as CEO of Norsk Tipping

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Åsne Havnelid is a goal-oriented, wise and value-based leader who, through his employees, has delivered fantastic results in Norsk Tipping. She has secured and strengthened the important social mission the company has, and I want to thank on behalf of the board for the good and impressive job she has done, says Norsk Tipping’s chairman of the board, Linda Bernander Silseth.

Åsne Havnelid has led Norsk Tipping since the autumn of 2016. In her six-year leadership, she has helped to secure and strengthen the Norwegian gambling model. Now Havnelid believes it is time to let go of new forces in Norsk Tipping.

Silseth emphasizes that Havnelid has changed and developed Norsk Tipping in line with needs and wishes from the outside world in order to be able to deliver on the important social task the company has been awarded. – Being a responsible gaming provider is the foremost and most important task, and Havnelid has made Norsk Tipping one of the world’s best in this area.

Efficiency is better than ever, with a stable and good profit also in 2021, says Silseth. Åsne Havnelid has no new job waiting for Norsk Tipping. She will spend some time considering various options. – It has been a privilege to lead Norsk Tipping with so many fantastically skilled and committed employees.

I have learned a lot and been allowed to help develop the company further in a very exciting time, she says. The board is now starting the hunt for a new leader for Norsk Tipping. Havnelid both wants and is prepared to lead the company further during this recruitment period and is also available in a transitional phase.