Nederlandse Loterij buy majority stake in Lotify


Nederlandse Loterij takes a majority stake in Lotify, a digital platform for organizing fundraising lotteries and giveaways. With this total solution, the Nederlandse Loterij facilitates its beneficiaries and other fundraising parties to organize their own lottery or giveaway that complies with Dutch legislation and regulations.

With almost 300 years of experience, the Nederlandse Loterij is the expert in organizing responsible and fun games of chance. Every year, the Dutch Lottery gives almost its entire result to the Netherlands. The Nederlandse Loterij not only supports its beneficiaries with the annual contribution, but now also helps them to facilitate their own lottery or promotional game of chance with which they can generate extra income. To be able to do this, Nederlandse Loterij has taken a majority stake in Lotify. The Dutch Lottery already carried out a successful pilot with the platform in 2019. 

Niels Onkenhout, CEO of Nederlandse Loterij: “Income is under pressure at many sports clubs and charities. An own lottery is an interesting way for sports associations, associations and charities to raise more funds, but they sometimes lack the knowledge, resources and manpower to efficiently organize their own fundraising lottery or giveaway. The Dutch Lottery can now help with this and thus contributes to the regulation of often local initiatives. This fits in seamlessly with our role as executor of the Dutch games of chance policy.” 

Guy van Iperen, CEO of Lotify: “Since we started Lotify, the driving force for us has been: making social impact. With our platform we facilitate a modern form of fundraising lotteries and giveaways. We believe that this is the solution for charities and associations to raise more funding in a fun and responsible way. Through the collaboration with the Dutch Lottery, we add almost 300 years of experience with games of chance to Lotify. In this way we can reach even more organizations to organize lotteries and giveaways in a responsible way and to make even more impact.”