Pushing the boundaries of Live Casino from Pragmatic Play


While Pragmatic Play is known in the industry as the benchmark when it comes to Slot production, the powerhouse provider has also been making a strong impact in the Live Casino vertical with a growing portfolio of high-quality tables to provide diverse and rich entertainment to players.

We caught up with Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer at Pragmatic Play to deep dive into their Live Casino success story.

Prioritising technical foundations

‘’Much like how we run the Slots side of our business, we emphasise speed to market along with high-quality products, and we’ve rightfully invested in the core technology to facilitate managing both concurrently. 

As it relates to Live Casino, this means a state-of-the-art video 4K streaming architecture prioritising low latency levels and along with the latest green screen technology, we can thus provide bespoke branding for our partners. Therefore, it hasn’t taken us long to deliver on our promise of quality given our market entry in this vertical was only in 2019.

The Live Casino portfolio is available as per all our verticals via one single API integration, making it an appealing proposition to our clients – benefiting significantly those who may have suffered in the past from drawn-out integrations that cost time and money on both sides”.

Standing out from the crowd

“Live products in general are a challenge when it comes to delivering a consistent premium experience – for all our players regardless of the time of the day / day of the week they may be wishing to seek entertainment. Same as comparing theatre and cinema in the film industry – where actors, art directors and the entire production crew have to be performing at their best at each show when on real stages. At Pragmatic Play, we want to make sure our offering is given the required impeccable levels of attention to detail with our highly trained, experienced and professional dealers.”

From a product offering point of view, there of course is a huge appetite for the standard, ‘Vegas style’ Live Casino games and we pride ourselves on delivering a polished and high-quality experience around these themes.

However, our product focus is always geared to the player, and we have met these changing user expectations in the past year by releasing more titles that transmit a greater sense of vibrancy through the screen. Live Casino titles like Mega Wheel and the crown jewel of Sweet Bonanza CandyLand present a unique experience. And when it comes to visiting an operator’s casino page, amongst a sea of titles with red and green tables and dealers dressed in black as the standard format, we aim to stand out with vibrant colour schemes of pinks, purples and yellows.

We believe these sorts of novel concepts that don’t immediately summon the idea of more formal Casino play will have an important role in cross-selling efforts to attract players from other game types like Slots, which place a big emphasis on colour and visuals.

More importantly, we have boosted cross-selling potential for operators by creating products that combine elements from different verticals. For example, in Sweet Bonanaza CandyLand, the bonus game is played out on a Slot machine where the value of the player’s win is determined with 10 free spins. Free Spins games are at the centre of all Slot titles, and we’ve integrated them to be a key feature of this Sweet Bonanza CandyLand. For previous players of our Sweet Bonanza Slot, the feel and functionality is familiar, which creates a unique convergence of Slots and Live Casino unlike anything else in the industry.” 

As part of our popular and unique Drops and Wins promotion, we also made the Prize Drops feature available to Live Casino players. Prize Drop mechanics can reward players completely at random as they place real-money qualifying bets in any of the participating games. The ‘anytime, anywhere’ nature of Prize Drops has added a new layer of excitement to an already strong Live Casino portfolio, and represents our commitment to always offering more to players.

The future is bespoke

“Boutique and bespoke player experiences are becoming increasingly important. Operators invest in their brand; therefore, it makes sense that it is visible during Live Casino play. 

Offering personalisation beyond generic Live Casino tables is a futureproof strategy and we’re addressing it via our Chroma Solutions technology. This green screen implementation is of the highest standard – everything from the background, to the table and the podium of the wheel can be branded. We’re really proud of the visual quality on display and have had clients that would not be able to tell the difference between a digital branding and a physical branding of a dedicated studio.”

The best is yet to come

Various leading operators have gone live with our Live Casino offering in the last year and we’re incredibly pleased with the positive feedback received on these products. We will be most certainly maintaining the high standards that embody our commitment to this vertical.

Our company and its passionate employees are dynamically gathering innovative ideas and refining our processes to ensure we meet our clients’ needs and continue to be leading from the front when it comes to Live Casino growth”.