Allwyn Entertainment prepares New York SPAC listing

Finance News

Allwyn Entertainment, the new group-wide brand for SAZKA Entertainment AG announced another significant step in its evolution to a global lottery-led entertainment platform: Allwyn’s intention to become a publicly- listed company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in partnership with NYSE- listed Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp.

Resulting in an expected total enterprise value for Allwyn of approximately $9.3 billion. As described below and subject to certain limitations, an innovative feature of the Transaction provides CRHC shareholders the opportunity to establish ownership stakes at a maximum enterprise value of approximately $8.7 billion. CRHC is Co-Chaired by its Co- Founders, Gary D. Cohn and Clifton S. Robbins.

Karel Komárek, Chairman of the Board of Allwyn and Founder of KKCG Investment Group, Allwyn’s majority owner, stated, “Listing on the NYSE is the next chapter in Allwyn’s history and track record of shared success benefitting players, communities, governments and investors. We forecast the business delivering attractive revenue, profit and cash flow growth, creating attractive long-term value for investors.

Going public positions Allwyn to expand its shared success to more markets, while enhancing capital access to fund opportunities for accelerated growth. KKCG has known for years that Allwyn is an amazing business, and I am very proud that global investors will have the opportunity to participate in its further growth.“

Robert Chvatal, Chief Executive Officer of Allwyn, stated, “It is an opportune time for Allwyn to take this exciting step. Jurisdictions in Europe and North America should have higher expectations for the innovations their lotteries can deliver. With consumers expecting the option to experience and pay for entertainment online, Allwyn is building stronger, more individualized and more valuable relationships with our customers. We look forward to applying our experience in developing market- specific, culturally-attuned lottery entertainment to new customers and geographies as an NYSE-listed company.”