Per Widerström steps down as Fortuna CEO

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Fortuna Entertainment Group has appointed David Vaněk as the company’s interim CEO following Per Widerström’s departure.  

“I would like to thank Per for his contribution and the work he has done for the FEG. Once a successful regional company, it is now a major international player, one of the most valuable brands in Penta’s portfolio. We want to maximally support the further growth of this group, “said Iain Child, Managing Partner of Penta Investments.

“I really appreciate that I was given the opportunity to lead the FEG into the next phase of its development. The Fortuna Group has enormous potential, which we will further develop thanks to our extensive know-how. I want our products to continue to be of top quality for customers in the future, “said David Vaněk.

“Over a long period of seven years, the FEG has changed a lot, mainly thanks to customers, business partners, everyone who contributed to its growth. But I would especially like to thank its staff. It was they who gradually and purposefully built the FEG into today’s successful international society. Of course with the great support of Penta Investments. Today, the company has all the prerequisites for further growth, with David Vaňek and the group’s executive team in very good hands, “said Per Widerstrom.