Pointsbet teams up with women in sport tech

Business News

PointsBet announced its official partnership with WiST, a non-profit organization dedicated to driving growth opportunities for women at the intersection of sports, technology, and innovation.

WiST is active in producing both live and virtual programs, events, and internships to support and empower women at all stages of their career. As one of WiST’s corporate partners, PointsBet will support the organization’s initiatives to tangibly improve the lives of women at all career stages, that includes fireside chats and panels with veterans and top executives in the industry, summer internship experiences through the WiST Fellowship program, career fairs pertaining to the sports tech landscape for middle and high school students, and more.

“As a rapidly growing sports technology business ourselves, we at PointsBet feel it is critically important to welcome more women into this industry and ensure a more inclusive environment for women interested in pursuing a career in sports tech,” said PointsBet Chief of People Rachelle Carpenter. “I look forward to working with Marilou and the WiST team in what I’m sure will be a very positive and beneficial partnership for all.”

“We are firmly committed to doing our part to ensure women feel empowered to contribute and take part in this lucrative industry,” said PointsBet Chief Executive Officer Johnny Aitken. “As we continue to build upon our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, our partnership with WiST will be a very important piece of that puzzle.”

WiST, led by CEO and co-founder Marilou McFarlane, has partnered with over 23 major companies, including Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech Accelerator, IBM Sports, Nike, NBA/WNBA, and AEG Worldwide.