OMEGA Systems: Extending and Future Proofing Gaming Data Solutions


Paddy Mann, Chief Commercial Officer at OMEGA Systems.

Operating in regulated markets is becoming an exponentially more complicated game – and it’s  safe to say OMEGA Systems is winning it with their continued development of regulated market solutions.

This leading platform software provider understands the many complexities of  regulations in gaming, and with the creation of a configurable Data Vault, available to any  customer at no extra charge, they’ve once again proven themselves as a superior software  solution for operators and platform providers alike. 

It’s easy to think that compliance regulation ends with gambling licences, game certificates and  in-game configurations. Behind the scenes though, regulation has formed a world of complexity  and increasing need for technological solutions in order to comply – and failing to keep up can  have serious consequences for business in regulated markets. One such element that isn’t  often first to mind when thinking of compliance regulation is that of data storage. The fact  is, most newly regulated markets require a uniform data storage solution,  for accountability, traceability and security purposes. This is easier said than put into action – and the forward-thinking OMEGA Systems has now developed a solution to cater to all current  and future regulatory requirements. 

A unique offering, OMEGA Systems is a platform management software provider that serves a  multitude of gaming partners with their superior technology. From online operators to land based retailers, crypto and social casinos, aggregators and more, OMEGA Systems’ partners  are all looking for the same thing: one solution to cover all of their needs, in the most  technologically efficient and cost-effective way possible, with total control. Now to add to their  growing list of achievements, OMEGA Systems has created a configurable Data Vault, or  control database, to meet even the most stringent requirements. 

This impressive Data Vault offers an output schema that can be tailored to any jurisdiction specific requirements – meaning that no matter which jurisdiction a partner is targeting, they’ll be  able to easily adapt the software to their needs. It also means that as specific markets continue  to regulate, the requirement of uniformed data storage is already met. Each customer and  system event that is passed on to the Data Vault can be optionally encrypted, depending on  partners’ needs – a valuable feature to many. Additionally, OMEGA Systems’ solution offers full  external audit capability. When regulators or auditors check in to make sure everything is  running as it should, a uniform data reference can be provided to them with ease  and efficiency. 

Keeping in line with an already impressive offering, the Data Vault does actually form part of  OMEGA Systems’ standard product offering. Meaning that there are no hidden or additional  fees to licensees to utilize the Data Vault solution – it’s simply part of the standard  OMEGA package. This will be welcome news to partners seeking to future-proof their regulation  compliance systems, since not only are they covered for this requirement, but they’re  also covered for good. Furthermore, OMEGA Systems’ experienced development teams in  North America and Europe will also customize the Data Vault support to suit any requirement at  no additional cost. 

OMEGA data storage solutions don’t stop with their Data Vault, however. Customized  transfer of data for regulatory compliance and data warehousing have also been implemented  using the OMEGA ETL product that provides automated data transfers to data warehouse

applications, in-jurisdiction archiving, and tailored data export capabilities  on demand. Once again, this product is provided at no additional cost, and all comes standard as part of the OMEGA CORE package, a completely gaming vendor independent management solution. The nature of OMEGA ETL means that licensing fees for  bespoke data replication in cloud hosted environments can be drastically reduced, again  creating a cost-effective solution for all partners. 

OMEGA Systems Chief Commercial Officer Paddy Mann said he was proud to be able to offer  current and future partners not only a superior service, but a competitive package. “When we develop these products and solutions, we are thinking of the long-term value of the  solution to our licensees and partners. The idea always starts with thinking about how we can  make our offering more valuable to our partners. We’re striving to offer a software solution that  is the answer to all partners’ challenges, and Data Vault and ETL are both hugely effective. That’s why these powerful tools are included in our standard package, they are essential  components of a modern management system in regulated operations, so they are a logical  extension to our system” he said. 

In addition to ETL and Data Vault, OMEGA also offers its Chronos real-time messaging and  promotional award system. Chronos provides OMEGA licensees the ability to implement  instant player event management. This means that as all player events occur, OMEGA  clients can automatically engage players with relevant messaging, game recommendations, and  links to player engagement landing pages. Instant player messaging can be via any combination  of SMS, WebSocket or Email. 

OMEGA Chronos goes a step beyond player messaging in that it also gives Operators and  platform providers the ability to make real-time awards including Bonuses, Free spins, Free  bets and Loyalty points. Once again Chronos is included in OMEGA’s standard product license  at no extra charge. 

Peter van Tuyl, OMEGA’s Chief Operating Officer added “Our focus as a premier Management  Platform software supplier is not only to provide advanced PAM solutions, but also maximize the  productivity of our partners by providing enhanced additional products such as Vault, ETL and  Chronos at no additional charge”. Mr. van Tuyl went on to say, “Our teams in North America and  Europe are available to customize these strategic tools, and our experience across a broad  range of regulatory environments ensures that our clients are compliant in the jurisdictions in  which they choose to operate”. 

OMEGA’s productivity enhancements do not end with these advanced solutions. Their short term roadmap includes several productivity enhancements including advanced VIP and  player monitoring, automated and conditional player withdrawal processing and real time  dashboard. “As a long-established leader in the Management Platform space OMEGA deploys  its experience and dedicated software development teams to exploit any and all opportunities to  makes its licensees super productive and profitable” said Mr. van Tuyl 

Data Vault, OMEGA ETL and Chronos are part of a growing suite of innovative solutions  provided by OMEGA Systems and utilized by their licensees and technology partners. They join  the impressive developments such as OMEGA SAFEPLAY, a a bridge between land-based and  online operations, OMEGA INTELL, an impressive agency management system, a complete  suite of adoptable APIs, direct support of in excess of 250 gaming partners and more. 

All components are developed in-house by OMEGA. During development, OMEGA ensures its  software is in strict adherence to Data Privacy standards, Data Security standards and  performs detailed Threat Analysis screening according to OWASP top 10 and other 

requirements. In addition, OMEGA is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified  ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards. 

Once again for the 12th successive year, OMEGA will have a presence at ICE London at the N8 gate at EXCEL London. To learn more about the OMEGA team’s superior software or to speak  to the team about potential partnership, visit