Super Bowl betting in Nevada sets new record

Sports Betting

According to the NGCB, $179,823,715 million was wagered in Nevada’s 179 sportsbooks on Super Bowl 56.

The data indicates that sportsbooks had a win of $15,413,228; resulting in a hold percentage of 8.6%

The previous record was in 2018 with $158,586,934 in wagers taken when the Philadelphia Eagles played the New England Patriots. The Eagles hoisted the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the game after beating the Pats 41 to 33.

A total of $179.8 million was wagered across Nevada’s 179 sportsbooks, up 32% from the $136.1 million wagered on last year’s Super Bowl and 13% above the previous record of $158.6 million set in 2018, according to unaudited figures.

Nevada sportsbooks kept a combined $15.4 million from Super Bowl bets for a hold percentage of 8.6% compared with last year when they kept $12.5 million, or 9.2% of the bets.

The win total is the third highest on record since the Nevada Gaming Control Board started tracking such wagers in 1990, trailing only the $19.7 million total set in 2014 and $18.8 million set two years ago.