The Entain Foundation U.S. Supports Launch of NBA Legend Charles Oakley’s “Oak Out Hunger” Project

Responsible Gambling

Former NBA All-Star Charles Oakley’s “Oak Out Hunger” community project, sponsored by the Entain Foundation U.S., the North American not-for-profit charitable trust of Entain.

The project, launched by the Charles Oakley Foundation, provides education in responsible gambling with other forms of support to impoverished, underprivileged communities facing hunger, addiction, and economic challenges in cities across the U.S. Pictures of Oakley’s team serving the community in Skid Row.

The Entain Foundation U.S. sponsorship provides funding and expertise in preventing and mitigating problem gambling to the Oak Out Hunger community project. It means that, for the first time, education in responsible gambling sits alongside other valuable and worthwhile community services provided by the Charles Oakley Foundation, including anti-addiction and education programs.

“I want to improve the abysmal quality of life of the many struggling people across the United States,” Charles Oakley said. “Every time I go outside, I see people struggling with poverty and hunger, who often use their little remaining money to fund their addictions. This Oak Out Hunger project is dedicated to giving back to people who are trying to get through life. I want to help them break the cycle of addiction and give them a chance – and a good meal.”

The project will further promote Gamble Responsibly America (GRA), a mobile app that educates users on safe gambling habits, and  Wager Score, a platform that rewards responsible gamblers by converting 1% of every dollar bet into charitable tax deductible donations for social causes. GRA was launched by Entain Foundation U.S., EPIC Risk Management and RG24/7 in June 2021, while Wager Score is a collaboration between, BetMGM and Entain.

“While responsible gambling programs are essential for the public, they are especially important to underserved and disadvantaged groups,” said Martin Lycka, Entain’s Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, and a Trustee of the Entain Foundation U.S. “The Oak Out Hunger project is truly unique in its dual approach of providing community services and responsible gambling education, and we are proud to partner with the Oakley Foundation to help reach those in need. As sports betting takes off across many U.S. states, we’re committed to doing all we can to ensure that people only bet safely and within their means.”