The Path To Value


Dima Reiderman, Chief Operating Officer, BtoBet.

A lot has been discussed about the omnichannel approach, yet there is still a significant amount of work that needs to be carried out to improve the vast majority of today’s omnichannel solutions, with a key area of focus being in simplifying the player experience and making it more efficient. By creating a truly integrated experience, the hope is that players will effectively be more valuable on the longer term. However, it is designing a pathway that results in a truly seamless experience which is the more difficult part of the concept to grasp.

Yet, one can positively state that omnichannel solutions have come a long way, and the concept is entering a new and exciting phase as more products and services are being built from the ground up with the main intent of providing players with an experience that reflects a frictionless environment for both the online and offline betting experience.

Ultimately a truly interlinked and frictionless omnichannel experience presents operators with a multitude of benefits. Brands will develop a stronger and long-term relationship with their fold of players, with the efforts to develop and provide a seamless betting experience resulting in higher levels of average revenue per player, and thus a larger share of his/her “entertainment wallet”.

Through a truly interlinked and frictionless approach, omnichannel players will not be interacting with a brand through one given moment of their life, but this brand will eventually become a bigger part of their share of entertainment. These same players will be making use of products that will become part and parcel of their daily routine. Thus, having said this, if players eventually earn points or rewards online, they should not be constrained in using these benefits only in an online environment.

Players can interact and engage themselves across multiple channels of the same brand. They might be placing some sports bets or play online casino during the week, and eventually physically visit the premise during the weekend. Thus, a frictionless omnichannel approach allows operators to build on the relationship with their players and eventually leverage the customer experience throughout the entire week.

The second major benefit for operators in such an approach lies in the data generated by the players themselves on an individual level. This data can be used to tailor the betting experience for each player, including loyalty programmes that may also be in place. Adding more options for players through which to interact with a brand also allows for higher retention capabilities, which in turn delivers higher revenues. Operators can also better understand how guests interact with different offerings through the real-time data being generated by the players.

This is particularly true considering the exigent nature of today’s players, who demand that betting and gambling brands know who they are and are able to live up to their expectations. Especially given the vast number of other industries that have already successfully adopted seamless omnichannel experiences on both a marketing and customer service level.

Another key factor for a seamless omnichannel experience is payments. As much as payments are central to an interlinked solution, the ease of cashless transactions also helps smooth the way for the younger demographic to involve themselves in land-based betting outlets. The younger generations are using less and less cash. Thus, if the industry persists in maintaining the cash barrier, it will risk excluding a growing segment of potential players. By modernising, reducing barriers, and making digital payments a central feature to their operations, land-based businesses can attract new players who are affinized with digital payments more effectively.

And this is why giving players the option to be able to use a single wallet, whether for online or land-based entertainment, will eventually transform the in-person experience, with betting shops or retail casinos eventually being able to offer loyalty points, track promotions, and be able to customise and personalise the player experience throughout the entire journey, and maximising the PLV.

Without taking into consideration all the possible channels through which one could effectively engage his players, iGaming businesses will be ultimately limiting their reach and missing out in terms of market audience. Because this is what omnichannel is all about… meeting customers’ requirements on all channels, which may vary between online and land-based, depending on their preferences. It’s all about improving the experience for the end-players by giving them more control, and the possibility to choose where they want to entertain themselves.