5 Star chats with Jamie Boyle, Product Owner at Slotmill, to understand what this new slot supplier brings to the market together with recent achievements and what sets Slotmill apart from its competitors. 

Slotmill released seven praised games during 2021 and signed an impressive number of commercial deals. What is the secret sauce behind your success? 

Slotmill was set up 3 years ago and the team hold decades of industry experience which has enabled us to establish unique work methods and development frameworks. Combined with harvesting the latest technology, this gives a distinct edge allowing us to create quality games in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors. Thanks to short development cycles we can be super agile and rapidly adapt to market trends putting us ahead of the curve. A deep understanding of the casino market combined with a focus strategy where every detail can be perfected, leads to games that are appreciated by both operators and players. 

One of the things that draws our attention is the quality of your graphics and the tight gameplay. How would you summarize your product design strategy?

Overall, our product strategy is player centric. As an example, our games are built using full HD graphics for a rich player experience, yet we keep them super small to ensure short load times. Our games are <10 MB in size which like-for-like is 10-25% of our competitors’. Furthermore, we have created a streamlined UI optimized for small screens and eliminated the concept of “coins” for complete transparency of how much is bet and won. You know, the devil is in the details, and we leave nothing to chance.

You have a feature called “Burst Mode” in your games. What is this about?

“Burst Mode” is essentially an enhanced autoplay developed in response to a demand for a faster and more focused gameplay. It’s an integral part of our games with a playthrough of two game rounds per second. The reels have been replaced with a captivating win presentation. “Burst Mode” takes gameplay to a new level giving players an additional adrenalin rush.  

Last year you released a feature called “Fast Track”. Can you tell us more and how has it been received by players? 

“Fast Track” allow players to buy their way directly into bonus games and special features in our games. The feature is carefully tailored for each game with a set of buy options at different price points. “Fast Track” has been very well received by players as it eliminates tedious “grinding” to get to the bonus features, and we have seen an upswing in game revenue by approximately 30% which shows that it “hit the nail on the head”. 

During 2021, Slotmill has ticked many boxes, including obtaining an MGA licence. Has this aided your growth? 

Absolutely, in addition to building a diverse portfolio of quality games, we obtained our MGA license in June. It was a key milestone which not only serves as a seal of credibility, it also enables us to partner with distributors and operators addressing regulated markets, thus significantly increasing our client base and ultimately our reach. 

2021 was a big year for Slotmill, what are your plans for 2022 and beyond?

Our mission is to be innovative and disruptive. The roadmap for 2022 is solid and we will release 10 new games. Our focus is quality over quantity and each new title needs to push the envelope of slot development. Watch out, big things are happening here!