Flutter Entertainment unveils sustainability strategy

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Flutter Entertainment has announced the launch of its inaugural sustainability strategy, the Positive Impact Plan.The plan identifies three key areas of focus and brings together significant progress from across the Group to create global goals that support our overall corporate strategy.

By 2030 we aim to have 75% of our active online customers globally using one or more of our Play Well tools, with over 50% using one or more tools by 2026 we want to create and build teams that are representative of the locations in which we live and work, through a comprehensive DE&I strategy, supported by clear stepping stone goals . By 2030 we aim to improve the lives of 10 million people using the power of sport and play, the skills of our colleagues, and the reach of our brand

Commenting on the launch, Peter Jackson, Chief Executive, said: “Our Positive Impact Plan is a comprehensive and challenging strategy which demonstrates that Flutter is setting the agenda for positive change. 

We are committed to contributing positively to our customers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate. This plan builds on the strong foundations laid by each of our divisions, leveraging our global scale and positioning us at the forefront of meaningful change.

During 2021 we further enhanced our safer gambling measures across the Group, investing over £45 million to support and promote safe play across our global operations. Continuing to show leadership in safer gambling is critical for the sustainability of our business and I believe that the goals we are setting out today as part of our new Play Well strategy will materially enhance our global customer protections and serve as a framework for the wider industry.

Flutter’s leading brands are deeply embedded in communities and homes all over the world. Our approach reflects this and will continue to evolve over the coming years in line with shifts in our markets, technological developments, and continued collaboration with our stakeholders.

The initial response from colleagues has been fantastic and I couldn’t be prouder of their passion and commitment to ensure that we continue to lead betting and gaming into the future.”

Leading betting and gaming into the future, in a responsible and sustainable way. Our Positive Impact Plan is focused on leveraging our global scale to provide Flutter’s diverse portfolio of brands with better access to the insight, skills and capabilities of the wider Group to support local initiatives that create maximum impact and contribute positively to our customers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate.

Aligned with leading global standards, we are setting out goals that will challenge and stretch the business. During 2022 we will build on our existing achievements and focus on enhancing our insights and reporting, so that we can continue to develop our goals and ambitions to ensure they are targeted to areas where we can achieve the biggest positive impact.